Your favourite body fonts?


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What are your favourite body fonts (and sizes?)

Curious, just choosing which font to go for on a site I'm working on.

Arial is still up there for me, albeit a rip-off font. Tahoma ticks some boxes too.
Well presuming your trying to stick with Web Standards fonts ;)
Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Tahoma, Lucida Sans unicode - Georgia (sub headings within body)

minimum of 0.8em for main fonts, +size for headers -size for smaller non essentials
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Cheers Kev :icon_smile:

I'm a big fan of Georgia too, using it in a current project for the headers and even logo.
Hey Fred

I presonally love Lucida Grande and Myriad Pro - substitued by Lucida Sans unicode as being a standard font.

<--- another vote for Georgia. Although if you're going really small, then Arial/Verdana are as good as any.
I echo your exact thoughts 30two, Georgia isn't perfect for going small, but beautiful for medium to large.
Dare I say it? Font replacement!

You could always do font replacement and use non web-safe fonts. Then the sky's the limit. Although this is best used in moderation as it can make screen rendering a pig. And then there is licensing for the font…

Still, at least it gives the option of taking non web-safe fonts to the screen.
…but to answer the question

I like most web safe fonts for use in some way or another but one of my top choices is Lucida Grande / Lucida Sans. It's what I use on my own blog.