You know you're a graphic designer when.....

You sit at work for eight hours straight just looking at your monitor, waiting for a spark of inspiration that doesn’t come.

Haha, yes. Then as soon as you get in the car to go home you get a flash of inspiration. Bang. There goes the evening.
Looking at a menu make you go “hmmm, ITC Baskerville italic” rather than “mmmm, lunch!”

This completely describes one of our designers. Taking him to a restaurant is a nightmare as he spends the first 20 mins either criticizing or praising the menu design while ignoring the actual food!
I was driving to a client this morning and got stuck behind a van and found myself criticizing the logo.
You reject a hotel company on the basis of their poor typography in their wedding brochure....and then proceed to e-mail the manager to tell him how you could make their brochure work better for them


I was of the opinion that if they didn't care enough to invest in their brochures they wouldn't care enough about my wedding!! A few years ago I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it!
Guilty as charge on all counts. Does it count when you think " S@d it this machine's too slow" buy yourself a nice new shiny mac and only use the old one to run i-tunes? (if so, guilty on that count too - at least i can now work for just over 4 weeks without hearing the same song twice)
Ozwaldo, guilty on that charge. Although I tend to weigh up spinning beachball time vs actual work time. Once the beachball wins it's either time for some more ram or a new Mac. The g4 powerbook's been demoted to iTunes status now.