Yelp! Graduate seeks advice.


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Ok, so as meer little fish in the recent design graduate fishbowl i was lurking around this lovely digital place of words and advice. I was compelled to post, for of course... i need advice!

The design industry is like a really hard chocolate eclair. I know i will have to offer myself on a plate, potentially for nothing, this does not phase me though.

The question that i ask to you is.. how well, cheeky can you be with regards to asking for a placement, internship or even a job. I have a rather quirky idea up my sleeve. Do agencies like having business cards sent in an unusual manner to them? Can you use brash, blunt humour? Or would you just throw it away? Would you bother with a student if they had really good design skills? Or would you prefer something with experience?

I suppose this is like every other generic *I am a graduate, help me!* post. I know i have what it takes, but i am a little lost in this new found world. Any advice would be much appreciated.



as long as you have immersed yourself in design, eat, sleep and breathe it, opportunities always arise.
don't be too hasty to do things for free, it devalues your work and you would have to question why they need work for free, if you say no they will probably seek another graduate, rendering your talents irrelevant.

humour goes a long way in my book, but, you have to make sure it is well received, it can, and often does, backfire.

depending on where you are based, taking your portfolio round to places is a good start, and with out a doubt there will always be places looking for cheap labour.

i could rattle on for hours but all i'll say is this, don't give up, keep on designing. It is very early days if you have just graduated - if you have not ties, travel and get internship abroad maybe



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as long as you have immersed yourself in design, eat, sleep and breathe it, opportunities always arise.
don't be too hasty to do things for free

I totally agree, you need to build yourself up / build your portfolio up. IF you out the hard work it it will all pay off, I guess you just got to seek it out and push yourself beyond what think think is possible.

If your gonna send out cards to studios I would try find out what they are like. I dont see anything wrong with a little humor.

Good luck in your search
Humour is FANTASTIC..

I promise you this is the way to go. We get a ton of graphics designers posting for jobs, the ones that stick in my mind would get an interview, if not immediately but in the near future.

Make sure that its not offensive though. Avoid even mild racism / prejudice / sexist jokes, but cheeky non offensive ones go for it. If they dont have a sense of humour, do you really want to work for them?

Plus, your future empoloyers are going to be at least a little bit of a creative themselves, were all human. Make someone smile.

Starting to sound like a hippy... will stop now..