Writing about yourself...

This is probably harder than designing a logo for yourself! The article has some good pointers. Perhaps 'storytelling' is the way to go! Put a bit of 'spin' on it!

I think I shall have to rewrite my 'about me' and make myself sound more interesting!
Just think what you'd like to know about someone if you were going to hire them for something?

What they're offering.
Their expertise and experience.
What else they've done.
What their personality's like (maybe a humorous story or anecdote?).
What they look like (I always like to see who's talking).

I've seen many post from people claiming blogs and about pages are better than a CV, but I think this only applies if you're a blogger or running an online business. If you applied for a job and instead of your CV sent a link to your blog, you probably wouldn't get an email back.
yeah it's just trying to find an 'angle' to go for.

am i young student, do i play on the young, fresh lots to offer tone?
do i go in more sensible(?)
it's a toughy..

I was talking to a non-designer friend who said 'well isn't it going to change all the time' ? so i had a brainwave that maybe i'd write a short bio which is quite factual, and then have a thought of the week on a main page that could be transfered to the bio pages to build up a sort of progressive and evloving list.

i dunno >.< still working on it.

p.s the99% website is really awesome and worth checking out more posts :)
Well it just seemed like a really obvious thing to do. I think a visual idea of who I am would engage people more than just a generic wall of text.
I was advised recently by a London headhunter to write 'success stories' - case histories that tell how you actually helped a client make money, regardless how far back I had to go.

Examples can be found on my temporary site Home
Success stories - yes! Better than testimonials but a testimonial that tells of the hole you got them out of - or the success they have now had because of your design/web is even better.

But I think it's about making your personality come across as well. People buy from people... I'm sure that I've written that before on this forum.
This is really handy considering I am writing the "about" page for the ErroZero site at the moment! Some food for though for sure. :icon_thumbup: