Wrams Here. Hello Everyone!!


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Well like the title says my names Wrams. I'm 38 and live in Bristol, UK. I'm a Web Developer who has standards. ie: XHTML and CSS Complient. XHTML 1.0 Stirct Doctypes is what i use.

Anyway Like i said I'm 38 married with a beautiful wife and 12 year old daughter. I've been building websites for a number of years now and own my own websites and Forums.

I'v learnt all the coding I can handle right now and wanted to learn more about Graphic Design. I am however learning more about PHP at the moment and own my own server Company.

I also own my own Graphic Design website. So if anyone can point me in the right direction to using Photoshop CS4 Extended and Illustrator CS4 plus abit of Flash Professional that would be magnificent.

Anyway enough about me. How are all the members here...?

If theres anything i can help you with ie: Slicing/Cropping templates or even coding them together then just ask. I'll be glad to help if I can.

Looks like a very interesting forums you have here. I do hope i can help benefit the site.

Regards to all

Wrams :icon_cheers: