Would this be a good idea...?

dian kelsen

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Hi everyone,

Wanted to ask for your opinion on something.

About 4 years ago, I had transitioned from a full-time creative designer to a soloprenuer.
Took me a long while and after 13 years of working in agencies had realized that i wanted to live alittle, needed my own hours and a sustainable income in order to make that happen.

It was not an easy journey and while transitioning to my own small business, I just couldn't figure out why on earth the majority of prospect clients wouldn't sign.
It was clear enough that my experience was valid, that i was more capable to give value than many others in the market. Yet wasn't capable of having them see this.

And so, the clients in which I had wanted to work with would meet, speak extensivly, take them through the process, be interested but when the proposal was sent. Nothing but crickets on the other end. And what I was left with mainly were really crappy clients, who demanded most of your time and fought for discounts at every opportunity.
Overworked, over stressed and unappreciated.Damn, I was still an employee!

This was not my idea of being a solo-prenuer at all!
In my mid 30's - my aim is to enjoy life and breath alittle...so what was going wrong here? why was I working endlessly with a whole lot less in my account?

I one day had a new client ring up, everything went incredibly well, a proposal was sent, he objected and then agreed to try to find the budget. It didnt work out.
But here specifically was the surprising bit, he really really really wanted to collaborate. Was trying everything he could but something was holding him back. I could feel his inner struggle. He wanted to trust, but wasn't able. The quote btw wasn't unreasonable.

It was at this point that I saw a pattern. Clients who pay well are excited and want to be part of your process, a tight budget is more often than not - not the issue. Trust, value communication and selling was huge here! I just didn't know how to work it to my advantage.

Took every opportunity to get behind the psychology of it. What is value? how does a client decide he is buying? When does it click for him? what steps do they go through? most importantly, how can we be aware of them? How can we turn a prospect into a client while we both feel good and right about it? etc....was a complete mindshift and immediately started implementing what I had learned.

And now, I have fewer clients, but good clients, those who appreciate and pay you well. Those who consider to be your partners and value your input and advise. So much of it was my fault, things they don't teach at school, nor is it experience we gather in agencies.

So, my idea was to create an online program for similar creatives who might be struggling into understanding the psychology of turning a prospect into a long-term client with a clear cut process.
To cut out all this time wasted misunderstanding the client's fears while the whole point of us ever starting our own business was to see the the light of day, enjoy our families, travel, explore alittle and experience life. We need good clients for that, good paying clients and peace of mind.

Would this program be an interesting idea?


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big wall of text that doesn't make much sense to me.... care to break it down into simpler sentences :)


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Basically it's to help you market and sell yourself better. To clients so there more likely to sign on the dotted line and also you'll get more genuine clients that will be your main stream off work.