Working in Adobe Muse with frustrating white space results. Help needed (newbie)


I am a relative newbie to the web design world (having predominantly worked in print), and having looked at DW and WP I have opted for Adobe Muse. It seems relatively simple, and the site I am trying to construct is three pages (one with a slideshow) fairly simple really. BUT what I am trying to do is use a full screen black browser fill, a simple header and footer, then the main content area will have a background image, text will then float on top. However everytime I place/import the image into the content area it looks fine in design mode, but when view in preview, there is a white gap between the bottom of the image and the footer.

I am well aware that this is probably Adobe Muse 101, have searched for the relevant tutorials, but I cant 'word' the question succinctly enough . . . need help!

First shot: Mock up in Illustrator
Second shot: The preview screen in Muse

SSAi.jpgSSMuse.jpg OOh that ugly white stripe!

It's a fixed page 950 X 550
I doubt anyone will be able to help you much unless you can supply the html and css for the pages you're working on (which I dont think you can with muse).
Thanks! But I believe the problem was a sticky footer? I suppose I can always preview in browser>view source code. But moot point, as it now seems to be fixed.

Is Adobe Muse a relatively new package? well received?
Not tried it myself as have no need for it but I'd imagine it has similar issues to other WYSIWYG editors. They are just below par when it comes to the code that is written.
Quite new but not well received. It produces terrible code full of pointless div tags, ignores the most basic rules of accessibility, load times and SEO. Yes the resulting website might look pretty but is in truth very ugly.

Best thing you can do is to start to learn code. :)