Work Experience? - Nottingham

Okay , Hi Damon and everybody
Good news I've turned 16 and I'm ready to home my skills into typography - ( Besides wanting to do a degree in computer engineering and eventually a PhD ) I'm still ready to pursue a side track of design I so dearly love...

I was wondering
If anybody within the east midlands part of the UK - Nottingham Specifically has any work placements or internships they could perhaps forgo a budding graphic designer such as myself?

Duration doesn't really matter , Just looking for proper experience where I might be able to commit something to the team rather than just hinder them ( This is the main reason I didn't go to a designer on my work experience week , instead I stayed at home and worked as a freelance game journalist )

If you wish to email me

E : [email protected]
Msn : [email protected]
Skype : [email protected] ( Please Do NOT send emails to this address , this is merely a secondary junk email address used for skype )

Kind Regards

Daniel Martin
Look up all the design agencies that you can find in Nottingham - write them a letter or give them a call or something and ask if there's anything they could offer you such as shadowing.

If you let them know that you're keen and just want something voluntary, non-paid, get a bit of an insight to the job and so on then hopefully you'll be able to find someone, as well as showing initiative and they may like that you're being pro-active.

Good luck :icon_smile:
I don't know if this would work but I'd also consider chatting up one of the local creative recruitment companies (Kelso Jones and Red Creative Moves spring to mind, Nottingham being my patch too) - not strictly their business but one would imagine they have some contacts they might be prepared to hook you up with if you're lucky.