Work experience in your resume


Hello everyone. I'm a graphic designer with over 9 years of experience.
The image below is an example of mentioning "work experience/history" in a standard resume.

My work experience is somehow complicated because during each period, I've assisted a few agencies, teams and industries at the same time. I've always had to move from one place to another because of working as a fine-artist and part-time teacher. Therefore I find it really tough to mention the date, name and location of any agency and clients that I've ever worked for or with.

If I don't mention work experience, the recruiter might think I have no experience at all. My portfolio consist of thousand projects that can feature show all of my talents and experiences. I just don't know how I should write my complicated work experience.


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You can effectively convey your experience and talents to potential employers by showcasing your work through specific projects and notable clients. Include a link to your portfolio to provide a comprehensive view of your capabilities.