wordpress themes -need help


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I am a wordpress beginner and somehow I have this small idea on how to use it.
But the problem is I cant find a free themes with cool plug-in for free.
I know it's hard to find but I am just a beginner and I want to try free themes before
I buy a theme for my blog.

Hope you can help me to find what I need. I do appreciate if you'll going to response
with my concern. Have a nice day...

There are a few free wordpress theme sites out there and they all work fine with the plugins available on the original wordpress download site.

A google search comes up with quite a few (wordpress themes - Google Search) - I cheat a bit because I don't do them professionally, just for my own and friend's sites and I usually choose a free one as a basis and amend the graphics and css accordingly to make it look completely different (I leave the original author's name in the code and add another comment saying 'customized and amended by me...')
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thanks for that..

thank you very much, one more thing. How can I put a slide show on it??
and what are available css for wordpress?
Will have to get back to you on the slide show question, unless someone else has an answer.

The css (cascading style sheets) is the code that automatically comes with the design theme that you download - it sets the style up according to layered positioning of the elements. You don't really have to play with them as they work as they are, unless you want to change spacing, alignments or colours etc. You can personalise a template by uploading new graphics with the same name (same sizes too) and getting them to override the originals. Hope that makes sense.

Here is an example of a free template that I used as a base - great because the .psd files came with it: http://media2.smashingmagazine.com/images/notepad-wordpress-theme/chaos.jpg

Amends that I made using the basic elements that came with it (work in progress - the final that she preferred was more over the top flowery *yucky and not to my personal taste*): Friend's site
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I don't if this is what you mean?

I had a list of good websites with Wordpress themes, I'll have a look for it and post it.

Here is a free (usually not free) theme that may be useful to you!

Also, check out Arras Theme - it's what I based my freelance site on.

Both have slide-show effects on the home page - is that what you were after? Or a slide-show somewhere else?