Wordpress theme similar to?

Does anyone know if there is a Wordpress theme similar to this particular website?


I want the central image to be a slideshow. I noticed that it's made with Wix which I used to make something similar, but my domain is on Wordpress.
I'm not sure about a template but it would be a reasonably simple project to build from the ground up. Looking at that site, there really is no reason for it to be built on WP... or do you mean you're using wordpress.com for a free/cheap site?..
I mean wordpress.org, which I've put my website on at the moment. I could move my address to that particular Wix style, but would prefer to keep my address on Wordpress just to save trouble.
I love the look of Gridsby actually, Paul!!! Have just installed it, the layout looks a lot better than the site I have now.

Thank you for the suggestion.