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This is one of my designs using a new desgin program that my friends told me about and i actually like it but not sure bout you all though
Honestly? A bit wishy-washy and I can't escape the idea that you died and your high school buddies put together a tribute book.
What's this new design programme then? You like the program or the design you've done? I think the design needs some kind of context, and it's hard to see what the design programme allowed you to do that's any different to something such as photoshop, could you perhaps elaborate a little?
I'm with the other two posters. All up for using 'something' (imagewise) to play around with whilst discovering what you/an application can do, but I probably wouldn't post the outcome!

Feels a bit 'hippy/trippy' with some kind of clipping layer for the text which may well be what you were after.

Tell us what you did and why your are pleased with your efforts.

It's called GIMP and i merged three pics into it instead of one image and i have others but i doubt i''ll ever post them and Dave L my friends make images like this for forums like RPG
Gimps been around a while now, it's great for your general image editing and having a play around, especially with it being free, but don't be fooled into thinking it's ever going to become industry standard
Yeah then my friend Alexis told me about a website for making graphics and i log into it for making RPG banners and i have used photoshop twice but was never keen on it so i stopped using it
RPG is role playing and take on the i.d of an actor's name on a certain and play that person like Natalia or Danny on different forums and use them for either cases or romance
I know what RPG stands for and is, I was just confused (and still am) by the comment "RPG forums is actually good"
Yeah i do and i also made a banner for a couple that myself and my friend from Latvia role play and discuss it on the crime forum
Good comeback: parentheses, exclamation point and ellipsis in under twenty characters!

In your face, PCB.
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