Windows 8.1 Released

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Microsoft have released the update to Windows 8, anyone running Windows 8 that has been looking forward to this?

I never managed to get my head around the tiled interface although I understnad with this new update this can now be bypassed completely using 'desktop mode'.
Tiled Interface is great for mobile devices and tablets. Not so great for point and click.

It's not that bad. But I'll be skipping Windows 8 until it's no longer a beta lol.
Windows 8 was shockingly made without the majority of mouse users in mind. Perfect for touch and swipe but what about the 90% of people what will use it the good old fashioned way, with a mouse?

I understnad with this new update this can now be bypassed completely using 'desktop mode'.

If this is true then that somewhat makes up for their stupidity. You know a new OS has failed when people prefer the older version even after all this time.
Phonecall from a guy yesterday who had upgraded to Win 8.1 and half the drivers for his laptop stopped working. Clearly Samsung not fully supporting 8.1 yet! Never be an early adopter...
Yes there are still driver issues - I've had wifi and graphics card issues on my Lenovo which I had to first Google then trot on over to intel site to get a latest version which solved them. Guess this is why a PC is half the price of a Mac. But yes a desktop/laptop doesn't really need a touchscreen and you have to lean too far forward to do it so it's uncomfortable. I've got Windows 8 but effectively I'm using Windows 7. One point, though, I hear that Windows 8 is faster as it's optimised but impossible to tell as my machine is fast anyway after I ripped the hard drive out and stuck a solid state drive in.

I've had good reports from Surface users though.