Wildlife logo critique


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Hi guys. I'm currently taking up the 30 logos challenge. Would love your opinion and critique on this logo.
It is a logo for a company called wildlife that explores the life and habitat of wild animals across the world.
I came up with a stand-alone icon, of an antelope head and a tree in the negative space at the center. ThanksView attachment 6519View attachment 6520


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Apart from the phallus it says Wild Life not Wildlife. They are two different things.
What would you suggest for it to be readable as one word, but not on one line, Because I was trying to make the whole logo to be able to fit
in a box.


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You can come up with other things for favicons etc, like a W on it's own, or similar.

Not everything has to scale to the smallest form.

I would say it looks a lot like Rafa Nadals logo.


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I agree about the favicon but just having the W on a website probably won’t work.

It needs to say Wildlife not Wild Life.
These two logos looks good, but how it would be look like if logo were made in 3d style and added with more color. But in between these i like black one.


Overall is interesting, I can see what you tried to do...draw some inspiration from other logos and the trend of using negative space to draw.
In combination with the geometric font it's give me the feeling of a national geographic wild or animal planet, etc...which I suppose that is a good thing
Personally I don't like the combination of the colours at all. try something else as well
The icon I think is a little too sharp in some areas. Also the face form of the animal is a little weird
It's bringing me the idea of a skull (skull=death=not life=not wildlife) more than an animal.
Experiment more...I am sure you will do well