Who is your Design Hero?

The question I pose is so remarkably similar to the title of the thread that the
question bears no difference from the title of the thread at all: Who is your Design Hero?

When you were a good (or bad in the good way) little Student which famous Designer
became your main inspiration?

Mine was definitely Saul Bass (as a historical figure) and as a modern one I would
have to say Jonathan Barnbrook.



I would say Herb Lubalin would be my historical design hero and probably someone like Elliot Jay Stocks for a modern one.

Lubalin had that rare ability to make something look so simple yet be so effective (e.g. his families and mother & child logos).
Stocks is a very good web designer (IMO) as he has a great understanding for the user experience and he can code as well as design which I feel helps him have that understanding as he knows what the limitations of the code is when he is creating web visuals.


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I have to say Saul Bass. As a student I based an entire years work around his work with Hitchcock. A modern day agency I admire massively is Johnson Banks. lets hope that one day I get to work with them.