Which Software must we learn to get command of Graphic Designing?


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I have a great passion to learn Graphic Designing. I took the start from Photoshop. What more software I must have to learn to get full command of Graphic Designing. I have done much work during practice but I want to be an expert. I want to learn each and every aspect of Graphic Design. I want to get the advantage of your hard-earned experiences. Any help is appreciated.

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Well you're in the adobe part of the forum so..... let me think here, the adobe cs suite.... not that knowing how to use software actually makes you a graphic designer


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The industry-standard software is Adobe, but they have a wide range of graphics programs depending on what discipline of graphic design you are doing.

I mainly do print, so I use InDesign primarily and secondly, Illustrator and Photoshop as supporting software. I know these 3 pieces of software inside and out.
I also make a PDFs for printing, so knowing certain things Acrobat DC Professional is pertinent to the job, especially receiving PDFs from other people, I need to ensure they are ready for print - so it has some good tools for ensuring this.

I also use Adobe Dimensions for generating 3D mockups of products.

The Creative Cloud Desktop is the Adobe App that allows you to install the suite of apps based on your discipline.
At the top there are Desktop/Mobile/Web and these relate to the apps and where they can be installed.

On the left hand side you see the Disciplines broken down into category

The menu on the left continues on
It has a place to manage fonts
Get Stock image/footage
And their own support community.

If you are using the Adobe Creative Cloud App then scroll down the menu on the left to the Tutorials.

You can then find all the tutorials you need to master the software.