Which is your favourite?


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Hi all,

Nice and easy, which is your favourite?

Screenshot 2014-11-06 14.22.19.jpg

Original post here, thought I'd start another thread as it's taken a slightly different direction.

Any and all feedback ideas welcome as usual!

Cheers! :icon_biggrin:
Not really feeling any to be honest, but If I had to pick one I'd go for the 2nd, with a revered/outline version of it like no.4.
Thanks guys. I don't 'love' any of them so I'm a bit stumped. Wanted to keep it simple but may have gone too far in that direction, will continue to work on them and fresh ideas as we go on. Any creative input would be great if you have any thoughts.
The only other direction I would go in is something like this (still sticking to simple-ish),


but I don't know if this portrays a 'grown-up' brand, the logo needs to represent the stability of the furniture hence why I've had quite a formal approach. :help::Cry:
I think this speaks more of a quirky, young brand, which could be a good thing. It's cardboard furniture for f*cks sake, design studios and trendy coffee shops will love it!.

Plus, I imagine that would work really well on the packaging. A white box/flatpack with that on the front, taped up with white tape that also has that name of the company on it.
Cheers Paul, agreed!

Like your thoughts on the packaging too, I've envisioned getting a rubber stamp made to brand the box. I think the above style would look awesome.

Any thoughts on direction from here? I don't know whether to get/commission someone to do a custom jobby of the above, put a shout-out on Facebook to see if anyone can help out so if anyone on here has any thoughts, please shout.
Boxed Living. Two play on words you can have fun with. I came across this and thought of you.


It's simple and quite clever, could you not play with a similar idea for 'Boxed Living.' Really have fun with it.

Just my two cents.
Cheers for your input CLHB! I did explore this route and do love that style but I really wanted to try and keep things super simple and have the text as the focus of the logo (even though I might be going against this some of the time). Hence why I wasn't so sure on number 7 originally. I don't know, I think what I'm trying to say is I didn't want to have a symbol for the sake of having a symbol in this instance. Or maybe it's just my lack of imagination ha!

Like Paul says I think having a quirky, 'trendy' logo might suit the product and market better, even though it may be less timeless and go out of fashion! I'll have to cross that bridge when the time comes :thumb:
Cheers Guy. Actually really like it! That's the kind of style I was going for originally, will have the new logo up in the next few days to gather some thoughts and see where to go from there.