Which course in London for Interior Design?


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I am looking for a good Interior Design course in London. I am Italian, I am 28, and I have already got a degree and master's degree in Communication and Marketing. I worked in my field of study until now (Sales) but I realized it is not my ideal job... I am creative and I like to work individually on my stuff.

I have always had passion for art and design, but I had just left them on the side. It's time to bring my life in hand and do what I really love to do.

I need a good course which has a reasonable price and a good learning plan (theory, workshops, networking opportunities). In London it's so hard because there are hundreds and hundreds of schools and institutes to choose among, so please could anyone give me a good advise? I know Royal Art and others, but unfortunately at the moment I don't have 12000 pounds...

I am not totally at the beginning because I have basic use of Adobe CS6.

Thank you