Which A3 Printer Laser or Inkjet


Hello all,
Say for example I was wanting to print 500 12 page A4 magazines from home, which printer would people recommend. Laser or Inkjet or other.

I have a budget of £350 to spend on the printer alone.

by the time you get ink, paper, and the printer costs, you're going to be MILES better off using a professional printer.

Inkjets eat ink like it will go out of fashion, and an A3 Colour laser is well out of your price range.
are you saying miles better off financially?
or quality?

or both as this will be something the will get printed twice yearly amongst other stationary for the business.
I'd definitely get this printed professionally. The printer, plus the ink, plus paper, plus the time will all make this a very slow and expensive process. You've also got the pagination and folding/stapling to consider.

Shop around or ask on here for a printer. I get mail from a different printer offering reasonable print every day!