Where can I get leaflets printed in Blackpool?


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Hi there i have recently started a business and am looking for a printers in blackpool to print me some leaflets. Any ideas?
It really depends on how important it is to you that they're produced locally. As Boss points out, he (and most printers) will deliver all over the country, and will include delivery charges in their pricing. If you want medium to large quantities then using a printer like Boss (or any of the printers / print managers who regularly post on this site - Minuteman Press, Bleed Ink, Printing 365, me, sorry if I've forgotten anyone) is definitely the best way to go. No supplier would last 10 minutes on here if they weren't good business, so there's an automatic seal of approval to anyone who has gone the distance.

On the other hand, you may want a printer that you can do small runs with, pop in and see them occasionally etc. If that's the case then I'd advise getting a yell search of printers in your area, working out which of them are printers (rather than print managers) and then asking for samples from the printers. For the little digital jobs I would usually say it's best to work with a printer direct rather than a print manager, just because there's more flex.

Either way, you're in the right place on GDF. There are loads of archived posts here on the pitfalls and benefits of working in the print industry if you're prepared to do some digging.

@Boss - that gives me an idea "Useful Posts" board?