When designing for print, is the client entitled to electronic copies?


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Hi all,

Hope you're all well :icon_smile:. My name is Kyomi & work for a small multimedia company based in South Wales.

I have just completed a job for a client, designing and providing them new printed promotional materials (posters, flyers, etc).
I've sent them to print, and now the client is asking for electronic copies of the documents so they can send them out via email..

Is it good or bad practice to give electronic copies of these documents to clients for free? Should I be charging for them as there was no previous mention of electronic copies in the quote?

Thank you for reading & hope you can help! :icon_smile:
I always give them as part of the job.

Create lo-res jpegs or lo-res pdfs and send them on.

They could just scan them and send them that way or take a photo with a digital camera.

You're not really gaining anything by not giving them.

If you use InDesign use this Batch Convert script to save a whole folder of InDesign files to jpeg or pdf Free script Batch convert/export InDesign documents | Peter Kahrel
That's true!
I sent them lo-res jpegs anyway, but wasn't sure whether I was supposed to.

Thank you hanscorpio!