What to post on a Website's blog?


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I have purchased a portfolio web template that contains a page called "blog"
The template itself is supposed to exhibit my artworks but i don't know what to post on the "blog" page.


I just wanna know what designers or website owners post on "blog"
If you are related to GD field then,you can post many things
like your creative process,new trends you like,Ideas you wanna share and many more
there are many design blogs existing like that already,So check them out.


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I just wanna know what designers or website owners post on "blog"
Most don't post anything at all. Those that do write about things that they think will interest their visitors.

Not sure why you needed to purchase a portfolio template - there are loads of really great free themes many of which are better for displaying a portfolio. Top tip: never, ever, ever show your portfolio images as thumbnails. Always show them full size.

Paul Murray

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Generally speaking a blog section would be where you demonstrate your expertise by sharing knowledge and opinons and educating others. So if you're offering something like UX design as a service, you may have articles about the UX design process, or explanations about why certain design patterns are a good/bad idea to demonstate that you know what you're talking about. A blog is a means of inbound marketing, meaning people come to your site because of your articles that answer questions they're searching for.