What to do? Advice please! : )


Hello everyone.. right I have a little dilemma... I recently moved and I have been doing freelance work usually I charge an hourly rate but I was asked by a company to come in on a day rate. I haven't done this before and told them this and they said they would pay me x amount, which was about half as much as my hourly rate. I said yes because: a- I really wanted to earn some money! and B- because they assured me there would be at least 4 days but likely 5 days a week, for a 6 week period over the summer.

So... I went in to there offices that week as they where so busy and need me asap. I did 3 days and then they told me they didn't have any work for me. since then they haven't had any :/ and out of the six weeks I have done 3 days all together.
But having said that they are a really lovely office full of nice people and I do understand the halt in work can't be helped. And they have stressed that they really want me back in as soon as they have work.

However... I went to meeting today and the art director (this was a very similar sized business) was very shocked at what they suggested the day rate as and said it should be twice as much! (and work out around the same per hour as my hourly rate) and said 'I bet they want you back'

Now I have the first company wanting me to go back in and do work for them but how can I go in knowing that I am being badly paid? should I raise my rate and give them the option of saying no but at least I wouldn't feel like an idiot and i fell it would effect my happiness at the job... what do you guys think?

(This may sound silly but having moved from Cornwall to London wages are worlds apart):icon_smile:
Your day rate won't be as much as your hourly rate - don't forget thast you might only get 1 or 2 hours work a day (I know then 13 the next!!) and you are not having to go and get the work. How about upping your rates (perhaps not doubled - unless the other business ARE offering work) and giving company A the option to take you on.
Yes I thought this so maybe I could tell the first place I am getting work and my time is more in demand so... my rate is a little more? And yes the other company has offered me work for twice as much money and the possibltiy of a perminant position dependant on how I go on freelancing, as the guy really liked my work. but I am a realist and like to keep my options open, don't count your chicken etc etc : )
Lucky you!
You can always say that you hadn't realised living in London was so expensive as well!
Hope it goes well
The lesson here - and it's one everyone learns at some point - is not to slash your rates on the promise of something that isn't guaranteed. I have a range of daily rates (on which my hourly rates are based) and the only time I'll negotiate is when I'm being contractually retained for a large number of hrs. The problem you have now (with Client A) is that you want to go back on your word and that's not going to look good, however hard they're hammering you.

All that said, you now have a clearer idea of your value as a result of the experience and, having seen your work, I don't think you'll be risking too much by sticking up for yourself (even if this particuar client doesn't have you back).
Thanks very much I think I might just tell still say that my price is more and just explaine that I enjoyed working there but if its too much then I understand. I'm sure they can find someone else if they really want to. Thanks everyone!
Hello just thought I would say I said the above (hopefully with better grammar and spelling, I am so bad) and they are now paying me the full rate and I'm having to turn work down! yey! can't believe it is great! I like this freelance business much better money, I may stay like this for a bit : ) best go I'm at work! thanks all xxx