What percentage do Design agencies take?


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Hi everyone!

I wanted to know what cut design recruitment agencies take for finding work for you? I'd heard somewhere in the region of 16-17%

Thanks in advance!

hey? A lot more than that... I have never known a recruitment place work on less than 25%. My friend who ran one with her Mother worked on a minimum of 40%
my brother works in London through an agency sometimes and they charge 16.5%, I'm also interested to know what a finders fee would be, what percentage of the job?
We've got a recruitment agency next door and I'm friendly with owner. He said to me once, just remember one thing - 'Recruitment Agencies are evil'. I think they try and get as high a margin as they can and also look to cover themselves cleverly if placement doesn't go well. Like any sector some are worse/better than others. When we recruited sub contractors a couple of years back some of the agencies where trying to add £100 onto a £250 day rate which was 40%.