what is jquery's issue!?!


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I'm working on a site which is a kind of hash up of the old site, integrating a new layout. There's so much going on in the header it's hard to work out what's what but I have noticed it's calling 3 different versions of the jQuery library.

Assuming this was because of updates to the site and previous developers being careless, I removed all but the most up to date link & refreshed the page. This broke it!!

After much tinkering I discovered that unless I have all instances included, something stops working. What's more, if the links are in any other order, they don't work!?

WTF is going in!!?!!
There are good chunks of code written into noConflict(). Ironically, adding more causes conflicts. lol

The whole site is being redeveloped in the new year so I think I'm just going to put up with the horrendous code for the time being.