What fold?

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Hi folks, long time no see!!

Been mega busy in the world of Pixels Ink and I actively banned myself from forum use for 12 months due to the amount of time I was spending (wasting?) on them!

Hopefully I'll get back to posting again on the GDF and helping out!

Anywhoo, here is my question.

I need to put in a proposal for a 16pp A5 folded brochure, design & print. I have seen an example of the type of thing they are looking for but I am unsure as to the name of the fold type.

It is basically an A1 sheet folded in half (lengthways) which is then given a Double Parallel Fold so that the finished size is A5.

Any help would be much appreciated in letting me know the official name for this type of fold.

That wouldn't give you A5 as far as I can see - the A1 sheet is too big. There may or may not be a name for this kind of fold - your best bet is to look on a decent printer's website and they often have downloadable PDF guides for this kind of thing.
You have explained it fine although worked it out slightly wrong, it's just a 16pp A5 with 4 roll folds, the flat size should be A2 and you need 4 folds not 3 to make a 16pp A5.

Drop me an e-mail if you need a quote.


You are quite correct, it is A2!

My brain was in the bin this morning!!

I will indeed be looking for print quotes, but first I need to win the design part of the job :D

Cheers guys :)