What do you think of our website?

I really like the evevo site; it's easy to navigate and find relevant info and looks much nicer than the other one. It's inviting, if that makes sense. To me, the other one just doesn't inspire the idea of web design, i.e., a web designer's site should look great and be functional - make the content king, yes, but in the best possible way visually. The other site also seems to have too much text to wade through, but that's just me. Presume the web design and web marketing links haven't gone live yet? Anyway that's my two cents' worth. I'm not a web designer so don't claim to be an expert ;)
I agree, the evevo site is on the right lines, needs a few tweaks in terms of design such as more spacing, less gradients IMO - it has potential to be a really great site, just needs a bit of polish
I like the feel evevo one but that slideshow is huge! I like the way you have most of the information visible above the fold on the elite site though, plus the slideshow within the Mac is a nice touch.
defo the evevo one but the full screen slider might lag on certain computers / browsers