What do you think of my work?

To be honest it feels like you're trying to be a designer.
A lot of what I see is a collection of icons and effects that are just 'put' together. Effects for effects sake look artificial and show up weak design skills.
Without understanding the brief you were working to, it's also difficult to appraise.

I would say that a lot of your illustrations would benefit from less black and removing keylines from type would also help - unless that is truly your style.

I would also try taking some of the illustration-only work and including it in some kind of poster or design where the illustration reinforces some kind of message. Illustration is rarely used just for a pretty picture.
Off the top of my head, try taking one of the butterfly-based images and incorporating it into a flyer for a girly, fashion boutique.

Look further at the typefaces you use - Impact or whatever condensed Helvetica lookalike you are using looks a bit flat.

Hope this helps.

Minuteman Press - what market sector do you think it will appeal to then?

Pcbranding - Thanks for the useful tips. I'm not sure what you mean by 'Keylines' from the type. What do you mean? Thanks for all your useful points I will turn my illustration pieces into posters or something with text on to give them some meaning. Although I have to say when I flick through computer arts magazine or other similar articles I do see similar illustration pieces that look like they have 'just' been put together as you say.
I'm not sure if you actually saw any of my graphic design examples?? The one for 'Bullit' and a 'Karaoke night' there are a few others too.

Many thanks for the tips.

P.s. I am a designer, I have a design degree.
Keylines are the lines that you have around your text.

You have a degree? Where did you get it from?
Having graduated from Ravensbourne I know the quality of graduate work and your work certainly differs from the standard I saw/see there.
Yes I have a degree. You sound so surprise that I have a degree. My degree is in Landscape Architecture, therefore I am a self tort GD/ Illustrator. I have additional qualifications in graphic design and I have been told by many people including people who are senior designers themselves that I have talent as a designer. I have four years designing experience and I have clients who were really pleased with the work I produced for them.
I have had a look at your work on your website and I am kindly not going to give my opinion of your work. Everyone has different opinions about how a design looks.
Your post asked for people's opinions on your graphic design work.
I asked about your degree and you've now confirmed the subject of your degree.

Opinions are of course subjective and everything I've said is based on a design degree plus 19 years of experience and being the founder of a busy design company.

Good luck!
No not at all Ian. I was acused of trying to be a designer at the start of this post and I had to point out I am a designer and I just mentioned I had a design degree to back myself up. You are a designer if you work as a designer I believe. I met someone last week who is a web designer and he is really successful. He originally trained as an bank manager and has no design degree. :icon_smile:
Dont worry, I wasn't attacking you. It's just a question that people have got so many different opinions on. I've worked as a designer for half of my working life, also as a mac operator. I've had an art education but never a degree. I'm pretty much self taught and I have also been trained by some very experienced people, one being highly regarded in the design community.

I think people can be taught how to design but if you don't have the creative side it will never work. You can't be taught creativity.

I've heard people say they learnt so much in a job compared to when they were at college or uni. This is true, on the job training seems to be a really good way of learning new skills. I know lots of people who have done well in their careers with no degree. Fair play to them I say.
Yes creativity is a natural ability and to some people itis second nature. :icon_smile:
Because I didn't enjoyed it, I found it difficult and my ability was average. 10 years ago when I had a job in it I was made redundant and I had career change like many other people do. . :icon_smile:
I started drawing when I was 6 years of age and I always had an interest in Art & Design since then and I always will do. I was going to do GD at uni when I was 18 but decided against it because of the lack of work back then.

Why did you choose GD as a career?
Why did you choose GD as a career?

Sex, drugs and Rock & Roll?......:icon_lol:

Spiral I like your work but most of it seems to be more illustration than design - The butterfly for instance: too many swooshy shapes and complicated lines, design should be simple, interesting and recognizable.

Hope this is considered constructive :icon_dunno: