What do you think of my website?


I've newly updated my website and would like your opinions if possible?

Coming from an illustration background I have come an alternative route into graphic design and so would like to see if what you see in the graphics section is up to scratch...

It's not totally finished at this stage, but I would love to see what you guys think!


offthewallcreative.co.uk: home page
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I think it's great! Puts across your personality and zest. The graphic design elements are fine... perhaps some branding/stationery also...
The build of the site has some tables and perhaps lacks some titles...but if you are using it to showcase your work it will probably do.

*Note to self: learn to teach the Flute... £6K for 4 hours work (or is there a decimal point in there!!)*
I think your work is great. The website text is too small though. I struggled to read it... Must be getting old!
This bit
to the online portfolio of Elizabeth J Mellor. Consider yourself officially invited to browse through my cyber home...

I would have the "to the online..." so the baseline is the same as Welcome (like "Consider yourself"). It seems a bit odd like the to jumps up after you've read Welcome. It also does it on "What" and "Bringing"

I'm not sure about the Hello image, I would put your head in the circle and have it stick out a bit (like in looney tunes) or get rid of the circle but that's just me.

Also I get "Fatal error: Call to undefined function twentyten_posted_in() in /home/offthewa/public_html/updating/wp-content/themes/pixelstudio/attachment.php on line 106"
When I click contact but that might be my works security.

I would have "Go on, give me a call!" clickable so it goes to the contact page

Other than that I likey! Nice job
Thanks guys!

Wow! That was some quick responding - I like it!

Thanks for the comments I will get onto it - not quite sure how to solve a few of the issues as I'm quite new to WordPress but I shall give it a go...

I'm glad you like my design work though, very confidence boosting!:icon_biggrin:
Sorry I noticed one more thing, the texture under the "bringing" section doesn't tile properly
But it's good! Boost away!