What do you do for a living?

What do you do for a living?

  • Employed Graphic Designer

    Votes: 79 22.7%
  • Freelance Graphic Designer

    Votes: 107 30.7%
  • Programmer/Coder

    Votes: 10 2.9%
  • Student

    Votes: 55 15.8%
  • Unemployed

    Votes: 9 2.6%
  • Non Designer

    Votes: 22 6.3%
  • Other (explain if you wish)

    Votes: 66 19.0%

  • Total voters


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Hmm, well where to start. By night (I work the graveyard shift, although considering it's supposed to be dead there are an awful lot of people roaming about <.<) I'm a transport administrator for Walkers Snacks in Leicester. I basically debrief the drivers to make sure that all went well with their deliveries and make sure they weren't driving illegally (etc etc blah blah blah).

By day (when I'm not sleeping) I'm the eCommerce and Customer Relationship "Manager" (I prefer to use the term Dude, but the other half won't let me :() of my partner's Mobile Mechanic / Auto Factor company, and I'm in the process of setting up a new auto-modification organisation.


Hi all,
My name is Richard. I’m working as a project manager in Web Designer India since two years. We offers Affordable Flash Website design, professional ecommerce web designing services & specialist website 2d – 3d Logo Banner design including Graphics design, logo, business cards and flyer Design Company.

Thanks & Regards!



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Job Discription

Im an up and coming freelance designer from manchester.researching and networking at the moment looking for any advice.


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I am working in a private firm, my current job is data entry, although I am also looking for other jobs. What about you all?


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Freelance Illustrator, trying to network for some new clients :icon_biggrin:


...Currently employed as an Artworker/Graphic Designer/Typesetter for a very backward education publishers to help pay the bills. :icon_cheers:


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I'm an in-house designer by day, freelance designer by night and like having the benefits of both roles:icon_smile:


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I'm currently a student and self-employed. Studentwise, I'm participating in a graphics course in Southend 3 days a week, whilst the rest of my time is spent doing general business work.


I'm a full time mum at the minute, at least until my daughter starts school next year anyway! :icon_smile:

Can't wait to get out there and hopefully get a job in this industry doing what I enjoy.