what do u think about my blends

Hi there. You should se some feathering on your masks when you cut elements out to prevent the edges looking so sharp and pixelated. It's particularly noticeable around the hair. Also, the text in the last image isn't very legible. I can just make it out but I had to get close to the screen.
I like the style that you are trying to create, however I do think you may need to feather the clippings of yourself more.
Also the black writing on the third image needs to be perhaps a lighter colour (white?)
Thanks for sharing, as the others have said you need to feather the cut images, especially around the hair where it is very clearly cut. If you don't know how to feather then ask.

For the text on the last image, to make it legible why not use a "stroke" effect? This gives a border around the text and is very easy to do, again if you don't know how then ask and we will show you.