What can I get from my graphic design degree??


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I graduated last year in graphic design and i'm unfortunately still unemployed.:icon_blushing:

I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was a different kind of path/route I could take to doing something design related because it's next to impossible to get a graphic design job.

I dont have the greatest of confidence but I'm still determined not to give up on design as it's what I love to do.

Any advice guys?

Your right, it isn't easy at all.

I graduated in 1998 and the first few years were tough trying to get a job. i ended up getting a job in a small video production company as a mac operator. It was mundane stuff and not what i wanted to do but it got me into the creative industry. From within that I made contacts in lots of other creative companies and was able to move my career on from there.

Don't just look at graphic design jobs, look at positions in a company that may be one or two steps away from your ideal position, even as a runner. You will be able to move into the right position over time.

Its maybe not what you want to hear but going freelance was the best thing I ever did. Went freelance 3 years ago and I am currently completing a deal which is very exciting for me and my future prospects.*

*more on this when i can make it public.
hey heidi,

Its really hard I know!! Have you had any work experience at all? Do you have a portfolio you can share with us, perhaps we could take a look and give you some tips and advice.

I've had about 2months work experience with 3 different studios. I have a portfolio page that was set up for me by one of the studios I worked with but unfortunately I dont have the required knowledge to change aspects of it, so appologies for it in advance! Heidi Fairman-Bourn Graphic Design

I'm trying to work on another site but it's a sponsored site so its all editing through what they offer with a small advert from the hosting site. Would this still be ok to use do you think, even if it is sponsored?

Like i've said before i've not the greatest of confidence so I just need a kick start with a fun, friendly studio that'll be willing to work with me.

thanks for the advice, appreciate it a lot.

I know how you feel, I am in my last year of my degree and it seems like no one wants you. I have tried sending letters to local places but nothing comes back. I am doing a few off jobs from a guy i met thru this forum tho. Which is good. but no studio work :(
What about applying for jobs at a printing company as an artworker rather than a studio. It's a step in the right direction?