What are your thoughts?


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Hi guys, so I was asked to do a logo for a car shop called cma prestige, I did many sketches but this are the final 5 that made the cut, what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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    Logo Prestige.png
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Honestly the piston looks like a spade and the speedo looks like a church...

The text is the same on all of them so...


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So for the font the customer already chose his favorite between this. So for the CMA he choose the bottom left in the first pic and for the prestige the bottom right in the second pic


  • Logo CMA Prestige-01.png
    Logo CMA Prestige-01.png
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They are all a little bit uninspiring, but they look ok.

I do have an issue with the full stops in the acronym. If you're having them at all (they detract from the design I think), surely you need to have one at the end too,
otherwise they don't make sense.


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What does CMA mean?

Is this the logo they are going to put above door of the car shop? If so, what are they going to do with rest of the space?

And I’d doesn’t suggest prestige, it suggests small town mom and pop store.


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Alright guys here's the changes made from the last time. What do you guys think?


  • Logo CMA Prestige V2-04.png
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Far too complicated. Feels like a backward step. How will they reproduce at small sizes? I’d suggest doing a bit more reasearch. Look at other high-end repair shops.