What are your favorite ways to work together as a design team when some people are in the office and some are at home?


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Let's talk hybrid work! We're all juggling in-office and remote days, but how are we can keep our design process flowing smoothly? What tools and strategies are you using to make sure everyone feels connected and we're all on the same page? I'm curious to hear your best tips and tricks!
I work in the office full time now, but years ago I worked at a company that loved hybrid working long before covid, and Slack was essential. Always open, ready for messages or meetings. These days if someone is working from home (as I say, very rare now) it's a combo of WhatsApp and Zoom. Some of our clients keep using Teams... which is awful. I should add, we also use run of the mill phonecalls as well!
I use Teams - it's handy enough - not sure what's awful about it, but don't use anything else, it's better than outlook...

I only go to the office about 2 or 3 times a month these days. Hardly any need to be there, but it's good to align the team and have lunches and chat face to face.
Where I work now never had any "work from home" culture and they were forced to adopt it during covid, and from what I gather, they didn't like it. I started when they first got back into the office full time, and they prefer being in the same room. I quite like working in the office full time as it allows for faster instant feedback on my work. Plus, it's a great team with jokes all day, so it's a good atmosphere to work in.
Yeh I don't like going into the office. I much prefer at home I get a lot more work done and no distractions.

The office is noisy, and most of my work is done over teams calls anyway and the office is just blah.

Problem is a few have taken the piss so now all have to come to the office.
But those who took the piss at home do the same in the office.

Working from home I developed a new skill, I now write scripts for InDesign and Illustrator.

I've streamlined my workflow and checks and when I'm in the office I don't have time to do things like that
I'm using Slack for quick updates and questions to keep the team connected throughout the day, and then we use Zoom for in-depth discussions and presentations.