What a month!!

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Last month was one of the worst for me since being in business, not from a sales point of view (was my best month ever) but from a stressful point of view, loads of big decisions to make, NIGHTMARE!

I'm winding down for the weekend now and going out for a few well deserved beers tomorrow, turn off your computers and have some fun! (we may all be in bed with the flu next week) :icon_biggrin:

Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend.

Pixels Ink

I was exactly the same!!

I had some really big things happening in April and I am also bloody glad its over :)

Roll on the rest of 2009 :D


I concur with the above.
However I have been indulging in a bit of schadenfreude in regard to my former managers work load. Lesson to be learned has to be to check the holiday board to see who's on holiday before getting shot of one of your staff members under the pretence of lack of work.

One redundant, one on hols until the middle of next week, job tray bulging at the seams, deadlines nearing at a rate of Mach 2, only one person in to sort it all out! Oh dear!

If I sound bitter and twisted about it, it's probably because I am:icon_scared::icon_biggrin:

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Echo'ed here, so glad its friday, have a good few days off everyone...gonna be logging off shortly. :icon_cheers: