What a great day...

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I have popped home to find water pouring from my ceiling, the pipe to the toilet upstairs has decided to leak today.

My mechanic has just phoned to tell me that my Vauxhall Astra with 56k on the clock needs a new Injector Pump, £1800!...probably the same value as the car.

They say they come in 3's so I wonder what delight I have to look forward to next.

Hope your days is going better than mine.



Dear oh dear Damon, not good. Try and talk the mechanic round a few hundred!

hope you get it sorted :icon_dunno:

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Try and talk the mechanic round a few hundred!
I wish, the part alone is £1300 +vat and that's from a cheap company, the robbing b*****ds at Vauxhall wanted £1700 +vat just for the part!!

I have a friend who had exactly the same problem and car who ended up selling it for £400 to a mechanic as it just wasn't worth fixing, looks like this is what will happen as I ain't paying £1800 on a car that although cost £5,500 3 years ago is now probably only worth £2k.

I just cannot believe that such a small part is so expensive, the car is immaculate with only 56k on the clock! Me and Vauxhall will be parting ways FOR GOOD! :icon_cursing:

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Oh dear :s

Had the same sort of issues with my car. Have just spent £500 on a new exhaust, My car is a 2001 Fiat Punto with 52k miles on the clock and won't be worth much more than a grand if I'm lucky. Its getting to the point where I'm also spending way more on it than I'd actually get back from selling it.

Oh yeah, 2 days after replacing the exhaust I got two flat tyres becuase some builder decided to drop a box of screws all over the road! :icon_cursing:

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Awful. Sorry to hear all your news Damon.

We also have roof issues at home - but seems to now be sorted.

Best of luck!



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The only way is up

As Yazz would say, ' the only way is up!'

I hope things turn around for you soon dude,
'Private parts to the gods are we. They play with us for their sport.' :icon_blushing:

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How angry would you be if you spent £1800 at the local garage to fix a part on your car for it to break down 3 days later with the same fault, then to find out after spending a further £60 at the main dealer that the faulty part actually causing the problem is only £250 fitted?

What a nightmare!

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f%*k me I'd be boiling, the buggers, that garage is really proving a stereotype.

I hope you are going to go back and give them a piece of your mind Boss, unbelivable. I'm also really not in the mood today so I'd be happy to go down there with you if I lived closer Damon!

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good flipping trash the place!!!!! aaarggghhh! Sorry it really hasn't been the best couple of days (personally)
hope you get your money back mate!