Well hello there :)


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Hello All

I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Newcastle, been running my own little design company since 2006 after graduating from Uni with a degree in graphic design. I love designing for kids as well as designing more sophisticated logos and imagery for an older audience. Don't think I can post links yet but my website is miskellaneous.co.uk if you would like to have a gander.

Look forward to chatting with some of you and maybe giving advice and asking for some :)

Sarah Miskelly

dot design

Hi Sarah,

Big welcome, I know you have some great work and I'm sure you'll be helpful on this forum!
Cheers, Gareth

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Just out of interest Sarah, did you try posting a URL, don't remember setting any restriction up on this.

Let me know.

Many thanks

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Yep works fine, thanks for letting me know. :icon_smile:

P.S Some fantastic illustration work on your website :icon_thumbup:


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Really like your illustrations, specially the dark eye's! :icon_thumbup:
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