Welcome to the GDF Classifieds – PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

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Paul Murray

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Welcome to the GDF Classifieds

Here you are free to post links to Gumtree, eBay, etc, or start threads advertising your used goods for sale.

A few simple rules;

1. No work offers are to be posted in here.

2. No selling of second hand, non-license transferable software. This includes computer systems that have such software pre-installed (including Adobe suite). We won't condone or promote 'ignorant' piracy so please don't try.

3. This section is for design/print/business related goods only (i.e. desks, books, monitors, pantone books, printers, etc). We'll be pretty loose about what is considered a business-related item, but we will remove anything we feel is inappropriate for this section.

4. No links to crowdsourcing sites.

5. Ensure you have read the forum rules and follow their instructions.
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