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As a student I'm still inexperienced in certain fields and I've now come across a situation that's stumped me. To date, any print work I've completed has been a relatively straight forward process getting it printed, but now I need a little advice if possible.

So I've been asked to design & produce the stationery for a client's wedding. At the very least this means wedding invitations, but this may also include save the dates, table plans, place names, RSVP, thank you cards etc

Designing the collection isn't a problem, getting it printed however, is as I have no idea what I'm searching for from a printing perspective. Getting business cards, posters, postcards and the sorts printed has proved easy in the past because there are endless companies that'll print off products like that, but with wedding stationery being more of a bespoke situation I don't know how to approach the project. I find it more complex in terms of paper types and weights, embossing, potentially laser cutting etc

Does anyone have any experience in the wedding field that can assist me?


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Find out the clients budget. Then find a printer near you with digital print and small offset litho (B3 will do). Go and talk to them. Ask to see samples and perhaps even paper/board swatches they use. They will (if they are any good) be willing to help. If they don't want to help, go and find a printer who will.

Which is why I bang on about making friends with a local printer.... (see previous posts!!!!)


Yup. Best to get to know a local printer. Online services are great. However, they stick to tried and tested products and getting information about bespoke items is very difficult.

For wedding stationery try to find a printer that does embossing, foiling and die cutting in-house. They may use an old platen or something. You'll be able to see the process and the materials and finish.

We do some work in-house but when it comes to specialist services it's best to get to know someone.

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As said above, get pally with a good local printer (not one of those p**s poor highstreet budget printers) see what stock they recomend for different price ranges and processes then take the information (and hopefully some samples) back to your client. Obviously don't disclose the print costs to the client but have a rough idea of the total cost of each option as theres nothing more annoying for a client than a designer who wont or can't tell them what it'll all cost.


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What Katedesign said.
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The hardest part about printing bespoke stationery is getting the balance right between quality and cost.

High GSM papre tends to mean higher paper but comes with a higher price.
The extra touches such as odd hole positions (for lacing, tags and the like) will usually push the price up a little too.

As Katedesign suggests, making friends with a local printer is a great way to get the budget down :)
Most printers will give a great "first job" price to attract repeat business too so push for it ;)