Website Specialist Required

Thomas James

New Member

I''ve recently started up my own gardening business and I'm looking for someone who can code a website. I can do the design myself and need it made web ready. I also havn't decided yet if I want to find my own hosting company or if someone here offers hosting too?

Initially it will only be a few static pages of HTML/CSS, basically a brochure on the screen, so I'm looking for someone who is good with the nuts and bolts of web coding (hosting?).

However, I plan to grow this business and in turn grow the website and so would be looking for someone who i can do this with, I don't want to hassle of switching companies. As the business grows I'll have more money to spend on the site, so if you have problems with my design or see improvements that can be made I can pay you for the design and so on and so forth.

I have a design background myself (planning to turn this to garden/landscape design) and I've never been able to wrap my head around web design (well, the implementing of). It's a stress I don't want to deal with.

If hosting became involved I'd want email addresses I can access with Thunderbird.

I hope that's enough info for now, post here or PM me for further details or if you're interested.