Website review

Sorry Ben but there's no easy way to say this. Its not the best. I would suggest doing a lot of research and looking at other freelancers websites to give you an idea of what good design is. At the moment you aren't there I'm afraid.

As for the site itself there doesn't seem to be any structure to it and it looks unfinished to me. I would re think the way your site is laid out and for starters have your in the top section of your site.

I'm not being nasty I am just being honest. Hope it helps or gives you a bit of food for thought.
its poor thats all i can say, your website needs logo at the top, your links in ur nav need to be text, not images. the design looks unfinished. the structure of the site is none existent it looks like your have just thrown things in to try and finish it. im trying not to be harsh here but its hard to try and be positive

Yeah I agree with above, the first site isn't great, the second isn't much of an improvement. I'd also recommend not offering web design as a service. As to improve, research more, plan more and don't rush it, also take inspiration from other sites but don't copy. Once you start and move off in the right direction then the design will come.

Furthermore, learn about front-end development (HTML & CSS) it'll help with SEO and general accessibility.

the 2nd attempt is still bad, web design is like an art, you have to keep trying until you get final result, if you want some help ill give u some help
as far as i concerned the design was ok, but need to be made few changes in terms of promotions like share button or follow for update and the content with all social networking sites will help you to promote the website.
Cheers Rehan, and thanks to the other response I have redesign the web page as a image (the html coding is not done as I'm playing with designs) opinions welcomeweb-design.jpg Open the image in Firefox to get an idea. The part your seeing will be in the center of the page and header and footer part will stretch to fit the browser viewing it.
It's better than the original but still not great. Here's some tips:

Research: Who is going to be viewing your site, what will they want to see, how will they want to see it etc.
Read the fundamentals of design: color theory, typography, layout etc.
Design to a grid: download the 960gs photoshop template and design to it, in your design nothing to aligned.
Change the nav, the buttons are horrible (no offence)

I think most it is basic layout issues, if I was you I'd tinker with some code, get to know the constraints of the browser and take a design from there. I've done a quick wireframe of how I'd set it out, every site you design I'd recommend starting with a wireframe, if the wireframe looks good then design will look good ;)

The simple truth is that web design is best left to web designers; if it's not your thing (and I don't honestly think it is - nothing wrong with that save for the fact that you're offering it as a service), and you're getting business through other avenues, spend a few quid on getting something built that works for you rather than against you - if you place any value on your time, it'd represent a saving in the long run.
Quick addition: I read your blog post on the top 5 website mistakes (you should give it a read) and clicked on one of the links to an example of bad design - buggy as hell and caused me all kinds of issues. Seriously, dude...
I'm going to be brutally honest as you requested.

I think you should get someone else to design and develop your site and as Dave L's commented above regarding letting the web designers design for web while graphic designers design for the rest. There are far to many graphic designers claiming or offering a web design service when they cannot even get the basics right, I feel this is the way your going. I think you should narrow down your skill set to your strongest and focus more on that.
good looking site - had a quick look at the code for the site; you would be better to put all the jquery etc at the bottom of the page so that the search engines get get to your main stuff quicker.

Another thing which is counter intuitive is that two banners at the top - one hits the home page and one hits another page. I dont get this bit tbh? The banner really should only go to one page and not be split like this.

good site all round though. I like how you show your machines on the hoodies pages - i didnt know thats how these things were done but now i do ;)