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Hey designers,

i would like to get some feedback on my website and portfolio of work. Can i have your opinions on my quality of work, the way the website works, and also things you think i should be doing more of?

I graduated in 2012, and was working at a online print company for 8 months before they shut down, recent umemployment means i can use my free time to learn some new areas.

Thanks for your time, i hope i can learn from your comments.

website link Fashion Illustration | Graphic Design | Kassie Berry
Looks nice.

You need to make sure all of the images are optimised for web. The dancers in the light box are 6+MB each with is huge for web (they actually crashed my browser when trying to view them).
Agree with above, also looking purely at the website;

Positives - The logo looks really nice and the overall feel of the site is good, clean and heading in the right direction
Negatives - Other than image size (which should be around 120kb rather than 6mb) it isn't obvious where the menus are, there is a general lack of "structure" to the site. Most modern sites today have a menu at the top (usually smaller and less obvious on arty websites but still there) and a footer of "quick-links" which is a bit like a mini site map.

I think a header/footer of any kind with a contrasting colour would help to just frame the site and define the start/end of the page.
Responsive design
Beautiful illustration
Nice colour scheme
Doesn't use default font-size so text too small on mobile (for me anyways). Contrast that with the larger text you see on sites like A List Apart: For People Who Make Websites
On portfolio, no links to actual website created e.g. eleventy two studio
Colour contrast a bit weak in parts so hard to read

From an SEO point of view maybe localise some of your page titles e.g. Fashion Illustrator | Graphic Designer | Place name