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Hi guys n gals

After some graphics for my website, could probably do them myself but just don't have the time to think about them let alone do them. Basically after something to illustrate what each product is that we sell, maybe showing dimensions.

PM if interested.
Thanks Nick

Rough details below....

Struggling with what to do if I am honest, I have been told that I need to have some images and possibly photos to show different products etc, I have no idea how to take decent photos, I was thinking something like this style...

...for the product pages, then when the customer clicks to go deeper maybe an illustration showing dimensions or something, similar to what I have done for the Presentation Folders here....

...but obviously better.

I wanted them all to be a similar size and style across all the products.

No idea how much this kind of thing costs, as usual the budget is tight :icon_rolleyes:

Let me know what you think...or if you have any ideas?

P.S Nice website by the way.


I can see what you are trying to accomplish. Could i suggest you PM me some details of the amount of products you are wanting graphics done for. Also do you have any imagery so far for the various products or wuld it be a case of coming down to take the photographs in person. If you have front on shots of the products then I would be able to stylize these to fit both your goals explained. I have done product photography before.

I hope to hear from you soon