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Hi all,

I'm new to the business front, and am trying to work out my hourly/daily rate, along with other rates. One thought has been around the website design side, not to get this confused with the building of the website, but more of how the clients website will look throughout. Once supplied, they are then to source a website builder.

Firstly, do freelancers/agencies simply offer the website design side? If so, what would be a rough ball-park figure for charging for this service?




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Agree with @Levi. There are thousands of templates and themes and hundreds of site builders. The old days where you would create a layout and convert to css/html are long gone.

You would be better off learning how to customise child themes, far simpler and far more lucrative.


Yes, on almost every freelancing site, you can see freelancers offering web design services.
First, you need to build your portfolio then post them on a multitude of freelance sites. I
You can also post them on social media as people are always looking for recommendations
for various services.


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If you want to do freelancing then this is a better option in this situation. this is likes work from home. As a freelancer you can earn lots of money it depends on your capacity.