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Hi guys

I have a friend who needs a website putting together, he currently has this Remedial Solutions in Lymington | Countrywide Property Care which was put together by yell, unfortunately yell are getting the boot because they are crap and as a result he needs something new.

He said all the textual info and the pages needed are correct on the current site and that the only thing that would need to be changed is adding a captcha form instead of the mailto: e-mail on the contact page.

He said some additional pages may be needed in the future but really once set-up he does not envisage any ongoing changes so no content management system is needed, just static pages. He just wants it to look professional and convey well what they do.

Usual spec, W3C validating, cross browser friendly.

Can some members PM me with prices etc please and if you have done anything similar that would be suitable for me to see, I have a budget to work to and interested in cost, would need a rapid turnaround really, ideally up and running by end of next week if poss...


o.k what timescale would be possible, 2 weeks? The budget is £300 - £500...this is the budget he has given me, although if not suitable for what has been asked please say.
Thanks for all the responses, would like to give the job to you all if I could as everyone that has got in touch has a good portfolio of work and has been very professional.

As it is his money being spent I am sending him links to all your portfolios and will give him the final decision as to who he feels is best for the task at hand, as soon as I know I will let you know and also post on here.

Many thanks

Just a quick update.

My friend made their decision on who they want to proceed with and I will show you the outcome once it is finished.

Many thanks to all that took the time to get in touch, as mentioned would have liked to have given you all the job if it was possible.