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Adam Harrison

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Hi all

I'm in need of help on how to price for a website design to then pass on to a web developer.

I am a graphic designer but have only just gone freelance and have been asked by a couple of web developers quotes for a website design but don't know where to place myself on pricing.
As a standard I aim for £35 an hour or do packages for larger projects.

Web images, banners, icons etc. or anything to do with print i am fine with but a full website design is something new to me.

Some of the web developers have suggested using adobe xd in order to collaborate with them which is fine but am I not doing a lot of the work for them by doing this?

Thanks for all you help


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I assume you have worked out your freelance rate based on your expenses, cost of living, overheads, etc, etc, plus a profit margin and allowance for your level of expertise and experience and have come to a figure. Then this is your rate. Why different for web design? Unless of course you really are a newbie.

As to Adobe XD doing the developers’ work. No, you won’t be. XD does not export to usable code ( though I believe there are some plugins that will). Besides, most developers I know prefer to hand code and have their own methods. What it does is explain to them exactly what functionality you need from the site this making the whole process less fraught for both partie. Even if it did do some of the grunt work for them, what’s the harm. No point duplicating efforts and the net result would be slightly lower costs for your client.


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Depends on the task. I charge some people very little and other a lot more. There are no fixed rates.

And website design stopped being a whole page layout ages ago. These days websites are designed in individual elements with each one tested on all devices. Furthermore, because of how a CMS works you really need the content in place before even thinking ab out the design.

But £35/hour might be a good starting price. How many revisions do they get for free? For example, suppose you create a design. The client want some changes then a new fuction is added to the site that needs designing then you realize an animation doesn't work on a phone and on a tablet the menu isn't smooth and you end up doing 30 revisions before acceptance. You could end up with 20 hours work. If you then bill the client £700 they are going to tell you to get stuffed.