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Nathan C

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick one to see what other people are doing. I am currently looking for a way to improve our website contact forms. We use a form to mail script which includes a really long PHP script file, it can be really temperamental and there must be a simpler/easier way to handle website contact forms in 2020.

We sometimes use the contact forms with upload features, so that functionality would also be required.

What does everyone else use?

Thanks in advance!
Really depends on what platform you use for your website. The script doesn’t have to be long, a simple php validator can be just a few lines. I build my forms by hand, keeps them compact and secure with spam filters and error checking. But as I said, it all depends on your site and how it it constructed.
Hi Nathan. Sorry for the late reply to this thread.

Personally I use a PHP contact form called Jem's Mail form, which has a fair bit of security built in. It does the job quite well.

Alternatively there are cloud form builders which are simpler to implement and more flexible and feature-rich than their PHP counterparts. JotForm is probably the best of those. Wufoo is another one. They're subscription based, not massively expensive, and there are free tiers (if you don't mind their branding and reduced features). Both can be styled with CSS.

Hi Nathan ,
now a days you should consider chat bot with personalised form or
you can go with cloud forms that are light and better stable