Website and Branding Competition for Landscape Gardening Company! Cash prize!

Hi everyone!

We are a small, local landscape gardening company based in the Richmond upon Thames area and want to offer you the opportunity to enter our website and branding competition!

We are forming a three way cooperative, which is an exciting new business model based around sharing our profits three ways between investor, worker and client.

There is a substantial cash prize and the opportunity to potentially work with us in the future on an on-going project.

More details can be found here, Our Website & Branding Competition - Cooperative Gardeners.

Good luck!
The Team at Cooperative Gardeners
Can't imagine any professionals entering this, branding alone could cost you £500. Plus you are asking for too much, who's going to spend time designing all those items when they have a small chance of winning the final prize. If it was just a logo that you needed first then maybe, but not everything. For example, I design you a website based entirely on the brand/logo I have also created and you don't like the brand, a complete waste of time, if I was you I would start with a comp for the brand/logo first.

Good luck...