webasoft.co.uk - Critique please

Hi there ,
Just had a quick nosey and i like it......only thing is i must admit was very tempted to click on the rounded square graphics so maybe it might be worth linking them to the relevant pages.
Also your recent work is not inside the latest projects box, they are out on the right hand side of it. This could be due to the screen resolution i'm using, but if it is then i won't be the only one who will see it that way.
But as i say it's nice and simple not too cluttered. Thats my opinion anyways. :)

Thanks Suzy!

What browser are you in so we can rectify that problem you mentioned? Thanks for the feedback, i know what you mean about the tabs they do make you want to click them.. We need to work on the site more but will hopefully get it to where we want it to be..

Thanks Again:icon_smile:
I think it could do with some simplification - lose the drop shadows and outlines on the type, and cut down on the number of fonts. Big cardinal sin going on here too - squashed fonts. Never do that - stick to the helvetica light or bold throughout. And try to avoid all caps.

I also think there's a bit too much going on which get in the way of communication. For instance, the orange dropdown tab thing that says "Welcome to Webasoft 2010". It doesn't add anything to the site, just adds to the clutter.

The logos - what are they for? If they're clients, you should be able to click on them to see the relevant project. And maybe a heading saying 'clients' or whatever?
Agree with the comments above. . . in Firefox (on a Mac) the recent works are sitting outside the box. I also wanted to click on the words in the orange box "Designed to work'. . .

Hi Guys,
I guess you guys are all using Mac's!!

I did say in my post that it is a Beta version and is in the process of being modified.. The wording on the orange bar at the top is to help you know where you are, if you click to different tabs it will briefly tell you at the top left. The client logos, not all of the clients are happy to have their work displayed but are allowing us to show the logos. We still need to check the site on all browsers, apologies..

Thankyou for all of your great comments:icon_scared::icon_tongue_smilie::icon_biggrin:
I agree with all the comments above.

I've attached a screenie to show that I too see the screens out of the boxes on the right. I am using Firefox 3.5.7 on Mac, but it's the same on Windows Firefox. Broken on Safari (Windows & Mac) too, and Chrome on Windows. Using Adobe Browserlab, I can also see that it's not right on IE6, the screens are in the box, but the box is pushed down underneath your paragraphs. Seems fine in IE 7 and 8 though.

Not keen on the condensed header font. Another thing I would consider is increasing the leading and decreasing the measure of your paragraphs. They are a bit unwieldy at the moment.

And more areas need to be clickable, as mentioned above. The Marketing, Live Chat, Branding boxes need to lead somewhere, the logos could do with it (change them for ones that can lead to a case study if these ones can't?) and the big call to action "You need to act NOW!..." needs a larger click area than the "click here" text.

Hope that's helpful :)



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