Web developer/SEOer looking for graphic designer collaboration


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Hi, my first time here so hopefully I'm in the right place!

I have been working in web design (freelance) for a while now and more recently on the SEO & marketing side of things. One thing I can't claim to do well is the graphic design part, I'm happier working in code.

I'm pushing my services more now and with recent successes in the SEO field (which I'm concentrating more on now) and some local networking I'm getting more enquiries, some requesting graphics/print work.
What I'm looking for is a graphic designer who I can call upon for occasional work - print, logos, web graphics and layouts.

I have one job lined up for print work which I can pass onto you straight away, requiring:
Business card
(logo is designed already but needs to be print quality - it's for a removals company)

If you're interested in the above work then please send me a rough quote and a link to your work. I won't be adding anything for myself for the above, what you quote is what I'll be quoting the client and you can invoice them directly.
I'll also be doing web work for the client so there will be more work involved. I'll send more details when needed.

I'm based in Brighton and mainly work with local companies but am quite happy to work with someone anywhere in the UK. I suppose I'm looking at more of a partnership so am looking for a graphic designer who may not have great web skills - that way we can both benefit.
I can also send more details of my work and where I think things are going, I haven't even advertised locally yet, especially as my website info is out of date and it has next to no graphics! I need to work on it when I get time. This may be another part of the collaboration, I can help get your website/services better promoted and coded while you can help me out with my site, or even combine our services as one, who knows.

I have more work on the horizon and things are looking bright. Having a reliable graphic designer that I can call upon will give me more confidence in promoting my services. I'd like to concentrate more on SEO and coding.

Well that's about it! If anyone is interested please email me or post any questions here, I'm thinking that this would be a good opportunity for someone starting off or are interested in breaking into the web side of things. You will always get full credit and it should help to promote your services, well we can promote each others.

I work mainly in (x)HTML, PHP, MySQL, XML, jQuery/javascript, Flash (not so much now). I'll freely admit that I'm a bit of a "jack of all trades" but you have to be in a way. One thing I'm not is a graphic designer!

Thanks for your time,
(my sh*tty unfinished website) Web Design, Brighton, UK | The Web Horizon | Freelance Web Services
kinda embarrasing posting that on a graphic designers forum!
the portfolio only shows a little of my work and the content needs a huge overhaul. I'll be updating it and advertising locally soon(ish)
This certainly sounds like something I would be interested in, give me a short while and I will be in touch with my portfolio etc. Unless you already partnered up?!